Stories from the frontline: Aneena Dominic

Aneena Dominic, one of our many Internationally Educated Nurses, tells us about her experience of working during COVID-19

Aneena Dominic

"I am an overseas nurse that came over from India three years ago to join King’s. I worked within the neuroscience speciality on the wards and the High Dependency Unit. I was able to follow my dream to stop into the nurse educator role, where I work with IENS across sites."

Aneena explains how our International Educated Nurses (IENs) found the experience and adapted to life both in the UK and at King's during a pandemic.

"We have lots of IENs joining us every month. Moving to a different country and joining an entirely different setting is a difficult situation. Alongside this, they are also stressed about preparing for their Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

"However, with the appropriate guidance and support provided, our IENs feel motivated and encouraged to settle into their new roles here. They are provided with all the resources and information required, which allow them to adjust well to both the life in the UK as well as their new job.

"Like all other health professionals, our IENs also play a major role during this pandemic. Amidst preparing for their OSCE, they also extend their helping hands in the care of clinically unwell patients. The wellbeing measures and supporting hands at King’s make them more empowered to work during this difficult situation.

"This is a very difficult and challenging time for everyone. However, the support given by my family helped me in coping with stress. The encouragement and support I received from my colleagues are also worth mentioning.

"I also stayed positive and hopeful by focusing on diversional activities such as listening to music, doing personal prayers, adapting to healthy eating patterns, exercises and so on."