Stories from the frontline: Angel Ricasata

Angel tells us about her redeployment into the Programmed Investigation Unit

Angel Ricasata

In this redeployment story, we talk to Angel who tells us about her redeployment into the Programmed Investigation Unit (PIU).

"I normally work as a nurse in Interventional Radiology, where we use procedures such as X-Ray and ultrasound to diagnose and treat different conditions. I’ve now been redeployed to a temporary ward which has been set up to help treat patients with COVID-19.

"Initially, I was absolutely anxious because my colleagues and I have not had any ward experience in a while (some of them in a long time), let alone a completely new ward! But I was assigned a fantastic team, and we all worked well together. In my three weeks in PIU, I was usually the Nurse in Charge, which has helped me refresh my communication and leadership skills, as well as my decision-making.

"During this challenging time, I have stayed hopeful and positive as I was under a team of Lead Nurses, who have provided me and my colleagues with the support that we needed. Outside work, I do my best to keep in touch regularly with my family and my friends. I make time for my hobbies and make sure I get enough rest during my days off. I eat my favourite foods and watch my favourite shows. When things get too overwhelming, I can say that crying also definitely helps!
"I know that my experience in PIU does not compare to what staff in our intensive care units and other wards are going through. I salute them.

“Also, I am thankful and proud to be part of this Trust. We are in this together. We will see each other's smiles again."