Stories from the frontline: Tom Young

We hear from Tom, a senior charge nurse in our Paediatric Emergency Department

Tom Young

In this redeployment story, Tom, a senior charge nurse in our Paediatric Emergency Department, tells us about his redeployment into the adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“My name is Tom and I’m one of the senior charge nurses in the Paediatric Emergency Department at Denmark Hill. I love my job and work with such a superb team.

“This is my second redeployment; I was also redeployed in the first wave in March/April. It's been very hard. Aside from the major difference between children and adults, it has been very physically and emotionally draining. Every day the patients are extremely sick and they keep you on your toes all day long!

“I have learned loads since being in the ICU. How to manage and look after critically unwell adults has helped me regain skills I learnt before in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) years ago. I love my job and working with children.

“I am very lucky that I have a very supportive fiancée. She is also a nurse, and we've been keeping each other going. I have also taken up running and yoga and love my cricket, so being able to watch that on my days off has been great.

“I work in the most fantastic team; they have all been supportive of my redeployment and come and help when they are able. My matron, Jane, has been fantastic and the team on Katherine Monk have been very supportive and welcoming - especially Carlo and Anita!

“In a year’s time, I hope things will be back to normal, whatever that is! The pandemic has been really tough on so many people. I feel fortunate to still be in a job that I love and so have maintained some normality. It has been tough not seeing family for most of the year.

“My nan died just before Christmas, and her funeral was last week which I had to attend via Zoom; it has been a hard experience for everyone in the NHS and the country dealing with things we have never dealt with before.

“I see extraordinary people doing extraordinary things every day and I couldn't be prouder of King’s, my team, and the NHS as a whole.”