Volunteer stories: Alejandra Pascual-Jackson

Alejandra talks about volunteering to help during the pandemic

Alejandra Pascual-Jackson

Alejandra Pascual-Jackson lives in South London and has been giving up her time to support King’s patients as a volunteer. She explained: “Originally, I became a volunteer with my toy poodle Alfie, a ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog and we had a wonderful time together, bringing patients some cheer. Sadly, following the COVID-19 pandemic, dogs are no longer allowed in the hospital, so while Alfie is on furlough, I’ve been doing my bit for both of us!

“Initially, I helped sort through the mountains of donations the hospital received to support frontline staff who were battling through the pandemic. So many individuals and businesses wanted to help. I’ve recently been able to support hospital wards and the helpdesk, and it’s been a privilege to help patients and their families. It can be tough at times; you feel the pain and sadness when you lose a patient, but volunteering gives you the chance to bring people so much happiness. You give a lot, but you gain so much more.”