Changes to phlebotomy services (blood taking)

From 10 August 2020 walk-in phlebotomy services at Beckenham Beacon and Orpington Hospital will change to an appointments system

Orpington Hospital

The NHS is restarting services that have had to stop or be delivered in different ways as part of our response to COVID-19. Our priority during this time is ensuring we have measures in place to protect our patients and staff, this is why we are making changes in some service areas including phlebotomy services (blood taking) at Beckenham Beacon and Orpington Hospital. At the moment, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust runs walk-in blood taking clinics from these locations.

To ensure we can meet social distancing requirements that keep our patients and staff safe, from 10 August 2020 the walk-in services will change to an appointments system. This means blood taking will no longer happen without an appointment booked by telephone on 020 3930 0245.

King’s is working with Bromley GP Alliance to launch the new appointments system. These changes will limit the number of people visiting clinic areas at any given time.

This will protect patients and staff by helping to maintain social distancing measures, which are an important part of reducing the risk of COVID-19.