Covid-19: Stories from the frontline

From the frontline we hear from Dr Nick Wilson, a junior doctor, on his experience of working through a pandemic

Dr Nick Wilson

“I am one of the Colorectal Foundation Year 1 Doctors - my job pre-Covid-19 was to look after the colorectal inpatients. During Covid-19 all the Foundation Year 1 Doctors (FY1s) from general surgical elective firms were transferred to help in the critical care departments with the care of ventilated patients, so it was a huge change both in the focus of our job and the colleagues we work with. My weekend and night commitment increased significantly - but to be honest there was not much else going on anyway... I found it tiring but it was all about supporting the critical care team in looking after these patients during these difficult times.

“It was definitely a big change – new equipment to work with, new procedures and guidelines, new rotas, and new colleagues – and it's been a challenge, but everyone has been immensely supportive.

“The team has kept positive in many ways, there's an unbelievable team spirit at the moment and I think that the incredibly generous donations have helped massively!

“I have been struck by the pride the nurses on the unit take in managing to wash, shave and brush their patients’ teeth, all while looking after the medical needs of several complex patients. It's this kind of pride and empathy that I knew would get us through this.”