Covid-19: Stories from the frontline

Georgina Lee led the redeployment hub at King’s

Georgina Lee

“I joined the Trust in February, just before the pandemic hit, as the Medical Project Lead. My role soon changed temporarily to lead the redeployment hub and to ensure those who could be redeployed were provided with the right level of training and into the areas needed to give our patients the best care.

“The redeployment hub was set up to help the services that would be significantly affected by Covid-19 by utilising the skills available to support areas where there was a significant increase in workload and would bring value to the organisation.

“There were three main redeployment roles identified at the beginning – non-clinical nursing runner, general ward support, and ward administrative support. We listened to feedback and these roles evolved and we worked hard with various departments to ensure the right training was available to our staff.

“Like with everything, there’s always a period of adjustment. One challenge was that staff were nervous about working in an environment that they are not used to, but we worked with them to provide assurance and the ward areas were so welcoming.

“My team adapted brilliantly during this period. Colleagues of all levels with different experience and knowledge from across various staffing groups were redeployed into the redeployment hub. Together we achieved so much. It’s been such a great experience for somebody like me who is very new to the organisation to have worked with such a supportive team and made things happen.”