Covid-19: Stories from the frontline

From the frontline we hear from Roxanne Mohammed-Klein, Head of Infection Prevention and Control

Roxanne Mohammed-Klein

“I am the head of the Infection Prevention and Control nursing across all sites.

“Due to the nature of Covid-19, observing good standards of hygiene and using a good handwashing technique is vital to help stop the spread.

“The team adapted in several ways during this challenging time, including moving to a seven-day service, focusing on what is essential and recognising that we are not in a normal outbreak situation so the processes are different. Alongside this, we are utilising the skills from other colleagues in the Trust.

“As a team, we have supported the wider Trust in several ways. We have provided advice on all aspects of infection prevention and control, including decontamination of equipment. We regularly interpreted the Public Health England (PHE) guidance and worked closely with colleagues to ensure that the information was cascaded to clinical levels and fully understood. We also monitored practice on the wards and provided feedback.

“The team has remained positive and hopeful throughout this experience by pulling together and taking it one day at a time. Everyone knows that it is okay to have bad days and that they can download in a safe place. There is a great sense of purpose, this is what we have been trained for and we continue to focus on what we can do to contribute and to make a difference. There is also a lot of kindness and compassion that keeps us going.”