Covid-19: Stories from the frontline

Stephanie Scoffield helped set up the wellbeing hubs in response to COVID-19

Stephanie Scoffield

“I'm the Learning & Development, Design and Delivery Manager and I've been at King's for about a year. As the title suggests, I help to design and deliver the learning programmes at King's.

“My role changed significantly since COVID-19. In under a week, under the instruction of senior colleagues, I was part of the team that created the well-being hubs at the King’s and the PRUH, and latterly several other hubs. I was deployed onto a new stream of work – coordinating donations from businesses and the local community, and working with various charities to create wellbeing packages to staff, patients, and end-of-life patients. This work has been incredibly challenging, working long hours and running around King's College Hospital, the PRUH and Orpington Hospital. However, it has also been incredibly rewarding. I have a great team of re-deployed King’s staff and volunteers that helped to receive, package and distribute items. I could not have done it without them.

“We received wide variety of generous donations and gifts from local businesses and corporations. These have been distributed through hubs and directly to the wards.

“My team worked in such a dynamic environment with changes happening daily, even hourly. We stepped up to the mark, adapting to new roles and absorbing existing roles as other staff went off sick or had to self-isolate. I think their attitude has been what is most inspiring – ‘whatever needs doing, I’ll do it’.

“We remained positive because we were helping to care for our staff who in turn care for patients. If we are able to support our staff they are able to provide better care. This kept us hopeful and coming to work every day.”