Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap legislation requires all organisations with 250 or more employees to publish their figures comparing men and women’s average pay across the organisation

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King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has published its Gender Pay Gap report, based on a shapshot date of 31 March 2019.

What is Gender Pay Gap at King's?

Our gender pay gap analysis shows that females employed by King's earn £19.60 per hour compared to £24.04 for males when the average (mean) hourly rate of pay is calculated. This means that females earn £4.44 less per hour which equates to an 18.5% gender pay difference.

If the median position is taken, females earn £17.91 per hour compared to £19.90 per hour for males. This equates to females earning £1.99 less per hour and a median percentage difference of 10%. The median is included as it not affected by unusually high or low salaries.

Why do we have a Gap?

Our analysis into the gender pay gap at King’s shows that factors such as age, length of service and progression all influence our gender pay gap. For medical staff, males are over represented in senior medical grades, such as consultants and specialist registrars, which has large impact on our gender pay gap. Males are also over represented at more senior levels, which is why the mean gender pay split favours men.

How does King’s compare to last year?

Last year, the Trust reported an average pay gap of 21.4% on the basis of males’ average hourly rate of pay of £24.83 compared to £19.52 for females. The average pay gap has reduced by 2.9%. The Trust reported a median pay gap last year of 16.8%. This has reduced by 6.78% this year to 10%.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

King’s is committed to closing the Gender Pay Gap. To work towards this, we will:

  • Ensure that gender equality continues to be an integral part of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.
  • Undertake further analysis in areas where we discover factors influencing the gender pay gap.
  • Discuss gender pay gap data at the Board, Workforce Delivery group, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group and Consultant Committee meetings.
  • Review of flexible working policy to ensure this is supportive and being applied fairly.

Further information can be found in the Trust's Gender Pay Gap report.