A new look for Lonsdale

26 November 2019 - Adult cystic fibrosis unit is refurbished with help from charitable funding

King's arch with Golden Jubilee Wing in background

The adult cystic fibrosis unit on Lonsdale ward has been refurbished thanks to financial support from the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Trust and money from the King’s College Hospital’s CF Fund, raised by staff and patients at the hospital.

The unit, which received £156,000 from the CF Trust and £110,000 from the hospital’s CF Fund has been reconfigured to make better use of available space on the ward and improve facilities for patients.

Improvements include four ensuite rooms for patients; a crucial development as it reduces the risk of cross-infection. Patients are already reaping the benefits of the improved environment.

Sarah-Jane Dawson, whose 21-year-old daughter Madeleine has been cared for at King’s since she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 14, said, “The unit is so much better now. Patients have their own ensuite bathroom facilities, which is really important as gastrointestinal problems are a significant issue for people with CF. The unit is now much more convenient and has changed Madeleine’s hospital stay completely.”

This sentiment was echoed by 19-year-old Charlotte Dighton who has been treated at King’s for cystic fibrosis since she was born. Charlotte feels that her experience of receiving care on the unit has been enhanced since the refurbishment. She explained, “Having access to my own ensuite shower, which is not used by anyone else, has meant I can take my time without having to rush and become breathless.”

Dr Caroline Elston, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and Adult Cystic Fibrosis at King's, said, “I’m delighted that patients are now able to benefit from the newly refurbished unit. It is now a safer and more pleasant environment in which to receive care. I’d like to thank the CF Trust, local fundraising from our dedicated staff and patients and the Salou Foundation for enabling us to make this happen.”

Dr Keith Brownlee, Director of Policy, Programmes and Support at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, added, "I am delighted to see the improvement in clinical accommodation at King's and I am sure this will make hospital stays for people with cystic fibrosis more effective, pleasant and comfortable.”

The works took place in stages so the ward could remain open to prevent disruption to other respiratory patients. In addition to the ensuite facilities, there are also two new outpatient treatment areas to help prevent unnecessary admissions.

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