A day in the life of... Sadie Holland, Electric Midwife

For our latest 'a day in the life of at King's' we spent the day with Sadie Holland, a midwife with the Electric Midwives team

Sadie Holland

We’re showcasing the work of different members of our amazing staff at King's, looking at all areas of the hospital.

Recently we (the communications team) spent the day with Sadie Holland, a midwife with the Electric Midwives team, to find out what her role as a case loading midwife with the Electric Midwives looks like.

Each one of the six Electric Midwives has a caseload of women who are cared for before, during and after the births of their babies. They will deliver the babies in hospital or at home.

Sadie used to be a producer at the BBC but decided it was time for a career change and has now been a midwife at King’s for 7 years!

Sadie said: “I loved being a TV producer but years down the line I thought it was time for something new! I knew that I wanted to go down the case loading midwife route as I feel like being with women all the way through their pregnancy journey makes a real difference."

Case loading midwives look after patients from booking all the way through to post-natal care. Anyone can have their baby at home if they choose to, and the Electric King’s team see women in the Camberwell and Brixton areas.

“We see a lot of women who have had previously traumatic births in hospital and those who have mental health issues. Often, people don’t want to have to relay their story again and again – and they don’t need to with us, as we’re with them all the way through”, added Sadie.

At 7am Sadie starts her day by checking in with her team about who they’ve got planned to visit.

Sadie arrives at the office at 8am and does some work planning the bookings for women due in October.

At 10.15am Sadie heads off for her first appointment of the day, it’s with a woman called Simone whose son, Ramone, was born at 42 weeks and is now two weeks and two days old.

The pager goes off en route! It’s from the labour ward – a patient who was planned in for a Cesarean section on Monday has started contracting so she will have it today instead. The woman’s midwife, Clare, is in work today so she can go and be with her.

Sadie arrives at the house at 10.35am to weigh Ramone and check in with Simone about how things are going. Sadie places Ramone on the scales so he can be weighed. He doesn’t like it and starts crying!

Ramone’s umbilical cord is still on so he and mum can’t be discharged yet. Sadie will call back in on them once the cord has fallen off.

At 10.58am Sadie leaves the house and heads off to her next appointment.

At 11.01am Sadie gets bleeped again. It’s about the same woman whose contractions have started earlier than expected.

Sadie arrives at her next appointment at 11.05am. This appointment is with a woman with severe mental health issues. As part of the appointment, Sadie goes through her scans with her.

At 12.30pm Sadie heads back to the Midwives’ House to have lunch with her team and catch up – they have lunch with each other everyday.

Sadie said: “We always stop and have lunch with each other if possible. It’s our time to catch up and keep up-to-date on what’s going on.”

Next up, Sadie goes to an appointment with a women who will go into labour soon – she’s 40 weeks pregnant.

At 2.30pm Sadie now goes to have a birth talk with a woman who’s 36 weeks pregnant. She talks through all the things that could happen around the birth and when and how to contact the midwives

Sadie heads back to the office at 3.40pm to catch up with a few women who have had their babies in hospital and have gone home today, she plans to see them tomorrow (as long as she’s not up with a birth during the night, as she’s on call!).

At 5pm Sadie finishes work for the day. She’s on call tonight and will be on duty until 5pm tomorrow evening.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out what a day at work looks like for Sadie. Look out for our next Day in the Life soon!