King’s consultant named as one of NHS70 Women Leaders

Dr Leonie Penna, Consultant Obstetrician and Divisional Director for Urgent, Planned and Allied services at King’s, has been named as one of 70 female leaders

Dr Leonie Penna

Dr Penna was presented with the award at a ceremony held by the London Leadership Academy on the 4 July.

The ceremony celebrated the 70 female nominees across London.

The event opened with welcome introductions from Anne-Marie Archard, the London Leadership Academy Director in addition to a keynote speech from Tara Donnelly the Chief Executive of the Health Innovation Network.

The ceremony began at 2pm with all the nominees which was followed on by a Skills Sessions with Hazel Gale, who is a former world kickboxing champion, author and master practitioner of cognitive hypnotherapy.

Dr Penna was nominated by Louisa Stockman Vine, former Assistant Divisional Manager of Women and Children at King’s, who nominated her for her ability to identify everyone’s unique strengths and talents, always highlighting these openly and clearly using them to enable the most effective running of the service whilst also developing the individual.

Dr Penna said: “I was delighted to be nominated for an award and even more so be announced as one of the 70 winners. It’s great to be recognised as one of 70 Women Leaders across London.”

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