Over 100 twiddle mitts knitted for patients with dementia

02 March 2017 - Thanks to help from people in the local community, over 100 twiddle mitts have been knitted so far for patients with dementia at King's

Over 100 twiddle mitts donated

Twiddle mitts are simple knitted cuffs, to which a range of items, including ribbons, buttons or beads, can be sewn to provide activity for patients with dementia.

To help raise awareness of the initiative being led by the falls and dementia teams at King’s, and to get as many mitts knitted in one day as possible, a knit-in was held on Friday 27 January. The event went really well with members of the public, patients and staff coming along to take part and knit a mitt. Those unable to knit helped out by sewing items to completed mitts and many people donated materials for the event.

Loretta Anthony, a Falls Clinical Nurse Specialist, said: “It’s really great that so many people are getting involved and knitting for our patients with dementia. The knit-in event was an opportunity for people to come together and knit for a great cause. We’re grateful to everyone who took part and to all those who have sent mitts in.”

Dawn Kalu, who attended the knit-in, said: “It was a chance to meet with strangers for a purpose. Rather like quilting bees of the past, the event had an aim but was also a welcome break from outside stresses for the knitters.”

Twiddle mitts are easy to knit and can be made with leftover bits of wool. A twiddle mitt pattern can be found here.

For infection control reasons each mitt can only be used by one patient, so the teams really need as many as possible.

Twiddle mitts can be sent to:

The Falls Team
Unit 1
KCH Business Park
129 Coldharbour Lane
London, SE5 9NY


The Falls Team
Executive Nursing Office
Farnborough Common
Kent, BR6 8ND

Alternatively mitts can be taken to any of the helpdesks for the attention of the Falls Team.

For further information please contact:
Molly Downing
Communications Assistant
Extension: +44 (0)20 3299 3257