Knit a mitt for a patient at King’s

06 January 2017 - Come and take part in a 'knit-in' on 27 January to help patients with dementia at King's

Twiddle mitts group photo

On Friday 27 January a ‘knit-in’ is being held at King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, in a bid to get as many twiddle mitts knitted as possible in one day for patients with dementia across the Trust.

The falls and dementia teams at King’s have recently launched a twiddle mitt initiative across the Trust. Twiddle mitts are simple knitted cuffs that a range of items including ribbons, buttons or beads can be sewn to. They provide activity for patients with dementia, and are colourful multisensory distractions that keep restless hands occupied and cold hands warm.

As each mitt can only be used by one patient for infection control reasons as many as possible are needed.

The knit-in will run from 9am – 5pm on Friday 27 January, in the Boardroom. Everyone is welcome to come along and knit a mitt.

People are encouraged to bring along their own needles, wool, and items to attach to the mitts (as well as a needle and thread to attach them with) as only a limited amount of materials can be supplied.

If you can only spare a bit of time there is the option to knit as much as you can and leave the mitt for someone else to complete, or to complete a mitt that someone else has started.

For those who want to help out but aren’t knitters, there’s also the option to attach the ribbons, buttons and beads to the completed mitts. A knitting pattern can be found below.

Please email if you are interested in coming along and helping out, including a rough idea of what time you will be arriving.

Donations of wool, circular knitting needles and items to attach to the mitts are also very welcome; please email if you would like to donate any items.

Twiddle mitt pattern

What you will need

• Any left over and odd balls of yarn
• Needles: 8mm circular



  • Cast on 40 stitches using 2 strands of double knitting (DK) yarn (or you can also use 1 strand of chunky yarn)
  • Work in rib stitch (knit 1, purl 1) for 11 inches.

Mitt body:

  • Continue to knit further rows (don’t purl) and use up leftover wool in various textures, e.g. chunky, mohair, ribbon until work measures 23 inches
  • Then cast off
  • Push the cuff up inside the mitt body
  • Neatly sew together the two ends.

Decoration and finishing:

Decorate the mitt body with beads, flowers, zips, loops and pockets etc.

Please ensure everything is sewn on firmly and securely. Be careful to only sew through the body of the mitt and not the cuff inside.

For further information please contact:
Molly Downing
Communications Assistant
Extension: +44 (0)20 3299 3257