Men needed for unique research study

03 July 2012 - Watch “Embarrassing Bodies”, 3 July, 2012 on C4 featuring our joint study about penis size.

King's research on Embarrassing Bodies

We have joined with King’s College London on a new research project, which is looking for men (over the age of 18) across the UK to take part in a study about attitudes and behaviours towards their penis size, shape and appearance.

The first stage of the study is an online questionnaire, followed by the option to join the secondary part, which involves men attending a King’s College Hospital clinic to measure their penis.

“Some men seek solutions such as pills, potions, talking therapy, traction devices or surgery to try to increase the size of their penis,” said our consultant urologist Gordon Muir, who is leading the second stage of the research. “There is very little evidence for the benefit of any of these treatments and surgery may be harmful.”

The aim of the study is to help find the best way for men dissatisfied with their penis to deal with this anxiety.

Read our press release for more details about the study and how to take part.

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