24 Hours in A&E – Episode 7

27 June 2012 - Wed, 27 June, 9pm on C4 – An elderly man is brought in after being hit while crossing the road just outside the hospital.

24 hours in A and E

Our busy Emergency Department sees almost 400 patients a day, and 10 per cent of them are over the age of 65.

In this episode:

  • An 93-year-old war veteran arrives with life-threatening injuries after being knocked over by a car outside the hospital.
  • An 83-year-old man’s finger is mangled and bleeding after he caught it in a machine at his metal working business. He’s not been to see a doctor in over forty years and, like many older patients, he’s worried that, despite his injuries needing attention, he’s a burden to the NHS and apologises to the team treating him at King’s.
  • An 80-year-old woman brings in her 51-year-old son who collapsed at home. He has learning difficulties and she is fearful about what life will be like for him when she is not around.

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