King's Open Day 2014

Sunday 6 July at Princess Royal University Hospital.

The Open Day is the one time of year where we open our doors to the public so you can see some of the fantastic work going on at our hospitals. The event starts at 11am and closes at 3.30pm.

The Open Day has been held at King’s College Hospital for a number of years but over the past 12 months there have been some changes to our Trust. In October 2013,King’s took over the running of two hospitals in Bromley – the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) and Orpington Hospital – as well as some services at Beckenham Beacon and Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup.

To mark this development, this year, we will be holding the Open Day at the PRUH as we welcome new staff and patients to the King’s family.

As usual, our clinical teams will be showing off their latest innovations, giving medical advice and providing free health checks. There will be plenty of entertainment for children as well with face painting, removable arm casts and a bouncy castle. All this to the background of live music from the London All-Stars Steel Band.

This year we are raising money to enable us to put a helipad on top of King’s College Hospital.Our charity, which generously supports our Open Day, will be there to take donations and answer your questions.

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  • Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Programme

    The Anthony Nolan Cord Blood programme collects umbilical cord blood following a baby’s birth and uses it as a life-saving transplant for patients suffering from blood cancers. Come and find out how!

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Bowel Cancer

    Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK. Come and take a look at our inflatable bowel, and find out how the national cancer screening programme saves lives.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Cancer

    Our team will be on hand to give advice about cancer prevention and the benefits of early diagnosis, and a Macmillan dietician will tell you how you can eat well to live well.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Care of adults and older people

    Speak to our team about staying independent in old age, remaining active and preventing falls. You can also find out the steps we take to lessen the chance of patients getting pressure ulcers (bed sores) and how we help adults with continence problems.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Children's Ward

    Come and speak to the nurses on our children’s ward about how we care for our young patients and try winning a prize on the toy tombola.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Critical Care

    See what our Critical Care team do to help our most seriously injured or ill patients. Learn about the equipment they use, and have a go at cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a dummy.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Dermatology

    Did you know there are over 3,000 known skin conditions? Come and visit our stand to learn about looking after your skin, being sunsmart and have your moles checked by a dermatologist.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Diabetes

    Come and have your blood glucose levels checked, and find out more about one of the most common long term diseases in the UK.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Diabetic Foot

    Kick up your heels and visit our highly experienced diabetic foot team, who are providing foot checks and giving advice about good foot health.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Gynaecology

    Come and find out about common gynaecological conditions such as fibroids and we’ll answer any questions you have about cervical screening.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Haematology

    Learn all about blood clots, find out if you’re at risk, and see what you can do to prevent them. You can also test your nerves by injecting an orange, and see if your children can “find the clot” and win a prize.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Infection Prevention and Control

    See how well you scrub up as our team test your hand hygiene technique, and you can also try your hand at placing an intravenous (IV) line device.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Maternity

    Join our birth centre team and find out how they aim to make every woman’s experience the best it can be. You can also brush up on your nappy-changing skills in one of our classes, and challenge someone to a birthing ball race.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • NHS Blood and Transplant

    Would you take an organ if you needed one? Nearly everyone would. Visit the NHS Blood and Transplant stall to find out more, and add your name to the donor register if you wish.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Nutrition and Dietetics

    Take a ride on the Smoothiebike! Cycle our bike-blender hybrid to produce your very own fruit smoothie.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Operating Theatres

    Not many people see an operation while they’re awake – now’s your chance to learn all about surgery and maybe even have a go yourself!

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Ophthalmology

    Regular eye tests are very important to make sure your eyes are healthy and working as they should. Our Ophthalmology team will tell you about common eye conditions, and show you how they test for them.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Orthopaedics

    There are 206 bones in an adult human body. Can you name any of them? Take a look at our skeleton and have a guess. You can also find out more about common bone conditions that we treat.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Outpatients

    Thousands of people use our outpatient services every year. Meet our outpatient team to find out how healthy your heart is, and have your BMI and waist measured.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Palliative Care

    Providing the best end of life care is important to our patients and their relatives. Our English summer garden themed stand will have consultants and clinical nurse specialists available to talk about the essential support we offer.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Pathology

    Red blood cells carry oxygen around your body and white blood cells defend your body against infections. Have a look at what blood cells and bacteria look like under a microscope.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Pharmacy

    How fast can you fill a dossette box? Can you count the number of pills in a jar just by looking? Join our pharmacy team to showcase your skills – and learn all about the equipment they use.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Play specialists

    Discover the techniques we use to explain complex medical procedures and treatments to some of our youngest patients. You’ll also be able to design a plaster!

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Renal

    Did you know that the kidney performs seven different tasks without you even knowing? Come and chat to our experts about kidney transplants, dialysis, and how you can look after yours.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Rheumatology

    Find out about rheumatological conditions and how healthy living can reduce them – and have your upper arms scanned to check for any problems.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Sexual Health

    We provide an open access, confidential walk-in contraception and sexual health service for men and women of all ages. Come to our stand to find out more about the service we offer.

    Marquee 1, Clinical

  • Special Care Baby Unit

    Come and see our incubator and our brand new twin cot, as well as a demonstration of some of the techniques that we use on the unit, and learn more about topics like milk banking and breast feeding.

    Marquee 1, Clinical


  • Bouncy Castle

    Kids, make your way to the rear of the car park and bounce till you can’t bounce no more!

    Forecourt, Kids

  • Clinical Site Management

    Do you want to know more about what our emergency planning and hospital 24/7 team do? Visit a real decontamination tent used for chemical spills, and find out how we help other staff achieve quality and safe care for our patients.

    Forecourt, Non Clinical

  • Clowning around

    Meet our wacky clown who will be performing tricks, balloon modelling, and generally clowning around.

    Forecourt, Kids

  • First Aid

    If you are feeling unwell our first aiders will take good care of you.

    Forecourt, Other

  • Food and Drink

    Our in-house catering team will be on site preparing some fresh food if you get peckish. Expect to see some local food favourites.

    Forecourt, Food

  • London Ambulance Service

    The London Ambulance Service provide expert care until patients reach hospital. Meet some of the paramedics, and find out how they look after people in emergency situations.

    Forecourt, Other

  • London Fire Brigade

    The London Fire Brigade do great work to make sure that people are fire safe. Come and talk to them about how to keep your home safe.

    Forecourt, Other

  • London Health Commission

    We are an independent organisation that examines how health and healthcare in London can be improved. Complete our health survey and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a three-month delivery of fruit and vegetables by Abel and Cole. Your feedback will help to shape recommendations being made by the London Health Commission in a report to the Mayor of London later this year.

    Forecourt, Other

  • Nandos

    Whether you like your chicken extra hot or mild, Nando’s will be on site catering for both brave and timid chicken fans alike.

    Forecourt, Food


  • Capital, Estates and Facilities

    Come and find out about current and future development projects at our hospitals including a helipad at King’s College Hospital and our new Clinical Decision Unit at the PRUH.

    Marquee 2, Non Clinical

  • Cardiology

    Visit our cardiology stand to learn more about how you can improve your heart health. You can also get your blood pressure and pulse checked.

    Marquee 2, Clinical

  • Emergency Department

    We see hundreds of people in our Emergency Department every day. At our stand we will be teaching people how to apply bandages as well as having a go at cardiac massage. Some children might come away with some nifty new casts, bandages and slings… but without the injuries to go with them!

    Marquee 2, Clinical

  • Free Face Painting

    From a butterfly to Batman, you can be whatever you want to be! Have your face painted for free.

    Marquee 2, Kids

  • Governors, Membership and Patient and Public Involvement

    Find out what your Governors have been up to and how they have represented you at the Council of Governors and Board of Directors. Come to our stand and find out how to have your say.

    Marquee 2, Other

  • Information Stand

    We are here to answer and questions or queries you have. You can also find our staff walking around in blue "Here to help" t-shirts

    Marquee 2, Other

  • ISS

    Visit our stand to sample the wide range of tasty food options available at the PRUH, and discover how we maintain a clean and hygienic environment for our patients.

    Marquee 2, Other

  • Prizes and Freebies

    We will be running a completion for under 16s so make sure you get your ‘Passport for Prizes’ stamped at the stands you visit. Pick up your competition pack from the Information Stand.

    Marquee 2, Kids

  • Radiology

    How do radiographers see what’s going on inside our bodies? Join our team and find out about X-rays, ultrasound, CT and Fluoroscopy, and take part in the fun activities designed to help you discover more.

    Marquee 2, Clinical

  • Recruitment

    Do you want to join Team King’s? We’ll be telling visitors about our current vacancies, so head over to find out more.

    Marquee 2, Non Clinical

  • Respiratry Medicine

    Many of us smoke and drink alcohol but do we know the really impact it’s having on our bodies? Visit the team for all the facts plus support to stop smoking and advice on safe alcohol consumption.

    Marquee 2, Clinical

  • Stroke

    Do you know how to tell if someone is having a stroke? Visit our team to find out more about the condition, as well as have your blood pressure and weight checked.

    Marquee 2, Clinical

  • Unison

    Find out more about the role that unions play within the hospital - from meeting all NHS employers to monthly management meetings.

    Marquee 2, Non Clinical

  • Volunteers

    We are an ever-growing group of dedicated people who give our time to help patients and staff at all the King’s hospitals. Visit our stand to find out more about how we support the hospitals and how you can get involved.

    Marquee 2, Non Clinical


  • Chaplaincy

    The Chaplaincy Service at King’s looks forward to welcoming you to our stand. We have lots of hand-outs with details about our services for all patients, relatives and carers.

    Marquee 3, Non Clinical

  • Friends of King’s College Hospital

    The Friends of the King’s do a lot to raise vital funds for King’s College Hospital. Come and find out about our work, and how you can join.

    Marquee 3, Non Clinical

  • Friends of the PRUH

    The Friends of the PRUH do a lot to raise vital funds for the hospital. Come and find out about our work, and how you can join.

    Marquee 3, Non Clinical

  • Fundraising

    Say hello to our Fundraising team who are selling tickets for Raffletime - which is your chance to win some great prizes while also raising money for our helipad appeal.

    Marquee 3, Non Clinical

  • Health Watch

    Healthwatch Bromley is your local independent champion for health and social care. Come and talk to us about local health services, any concerns you have, or information of volunteering your time with us.

    Marquee 3, Other

  • History

    Discover the fascinating history of hospital services in Bromley as we travel through the history of the site, which started as a workhouse and developed into the hospital we see today.

    Marquee 3, Other

  • World War One

    Learn more about the history of Orpington Hospital and how its doctors and nurses saved the lives of more than 26,000 wounded soldiers during World War One.

    Marquee 3, Other


  • Live music

    Enjoy the unique sounds of The London All Stars Steel Band, who will welcome you to our Open Day.

    Music Marquee, Other