King’s Dental Institute

King’s Dental Institute is a Centre of Excellence for dental care. As well as treating thousands of patients, it trains more than 900 undergraduate and postgraduate dental students every year.

It provides a wide range of therapies and treatments across five departments:

  • Restorative dentistry, which provides replacements for patients who have lost teeth, as well as treatments for gum disease damage, and root canal treatment.
  • Acute dental care, which provides a limited walk-in service to patients needing emergency dental treatment who are not able to see a practice dentist
  • Oral medicine, which diagnoses and treats mouth and jaw conditions that don’t need surgery, such as ulcers, jaw pain and mouth dryness
  • Oral surgery, which provides a range of surgical treatments including tooth extractions, wisdom tooth surgery, biopsies and root surgery
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery, which treats face and jaw abnormalities, head and neck trauma, facial deformities, as well as tumours, cysts and abscesses.

King’s also runs a specialist dental trauma service, which was set up in 2008.

Meet some of the team

It’s not just dentists who work in the King’s Dental Institute. There is a huge range of staff performing all sorts of roles to make sure departments run smoothly and provide the best service for our patients. Here are just five of them:

Serpil Djemal

Clinical Lead for Restorative Dentistry

Serpil qualified at King’s in 1988 and began her career in a number of other hospitals before returning in 2009 – and has been here ever since. As well as heading up our Restorative Dentistry department, Serpil and her team have also worked with colleagues across the Dental Institute to develop the first specialist adult dental trauma service in the UK – something she’s immensely proud of.

Serpil Djemal on BBC Breakfast

She’s also co-founder of Dental Trauma UK, a charity which promotes how to save injured teeth. Every December Serpil volunteers for Crisis at Christmas, providing dental treatment for up to 50 homeless people a day.

Serpil appeared on the BBC Breakfast sofa to talk about The Truth About Your Teeth and give general advice on dental hygiene, including the most effective way to brush your teeth. Watch her appearance on the BBC website.

Jen Lonsdale

Senior Dental Nurse

Jen has been at King’s since 2012, after moving to London from her native Manchester. She admits she “fell into dentistry”, but loves her profession and can’t imagine doing any other job.

Jen co-ordinates our Restorative Nursing team, and mentors our Trainee Dental Nurses. She also spends two days a week on the dental trauma clinic, assisting clinicians and assessing emergency patients who may have been involved in road traffic accidents, assaults or sustained sports injuries. While this can often be hectic and challenging, she really enjoys the variety of patients she helps treat and the positive impact she can help bring.

Our Dental Nurses work as part of a large team and carry out a wide range of tasks to make sure our clinics run smoothly. This includes setting up clinical areas for the day ahead; supporting clinicians during procedures; giving dental advice and guidance to patients; and taking x-rays to help diagnose patients and plan their treatment.

Tony Perkins

Dental Technician
Tony Perkins - Dental Technician

A member of Team King’s since 2011, Tony is one of the people responsible for making the dentures and splints that patients use when they have lost teeth. These are made from wax using moulds taken of the patient’s mouth, and then filled using metal or plastic.

A week’s work experience in a dental laboratory while at school was all Tony needed to decide that a career as a Dental Technician was for him, and he’s now training to become a Clinical Dental Technician, meaning he’ll be able to treat patients face-to-face too – a part of the job he really enjoys.

Chanel Lyons

Dental Clerk Receptionist

Chanel has been working at King’s since 2008, before which she worked in retail. She spent the first four years of her time here working in our Dental Records department, before a change of scenery brought her to the Reception desk of our Restorative Dentistry department.

Along with the three other members of the Restorative Reception team, Chanel’s job provides her with something different every day – whether that’s booking in patients for appointments, gathering patients’ notes for an upcoming clinic, or dealing with an enquiry. Chanel is very proud to work with a great team of people who do amazing work, but admits that working in the dental department has made her a bit obsessive over her teeth.

Sarah Taylor

Service Development Manager for Restorative Dentistry

Sarah has worked at King’s since 2009 and in the NHS since 1991. As Service Development Manager, it’s her job to oversee the running of the department – that means organising clinic timetables, staff levels and appointments to keep waiting times to a minimum, as well as troubleshooting problems and dealing with any complaints.

Sarah really enjoys working in the field of dentistry, especially with the team at King’s who are dynamic and like to get things done. Her role lets her get involved in developing and expanding the department so King’s can help even more patients – something Sarah finds incredibly rewarding.