The Truth About Your Teeth

The Truth About Your Teeth is a two-part series offering a fresh look at the science behind teeth and dentistry, and what we can all do to improve our oral health.

Filmed at King’s over six months, the programmes features patients who are undergoing treatment for missing or broken teeth, decay, gum disease, and a range of other problems – sometimes to the extreme. It includes experiments and advice on everything from how to brush your teeth properly, to whether over-the-counter whitening products actually work.

It also features spectacular aerial shots of King's College Hospital and the surrounding area of south London, which were filmed using a special camera mounted on a drone. The series is presented by Dr Chris van Tulleken from Operation Ouch! and Jasmine Harman from A Place in the Sun. You can find more about the series, including short clips, on the BBC website.

You can also find out more about King's Dental Institute and the people who work there.

Information for patients

The patients who were treated at King’s on the programme were seen as part of a special clinic that we set up in partnership with the BBC just for the programme, in order to educate the general public about why good dental and oral hygiene is necessary.

King’s is a specialist dental hospital that treats serious and complicated dental problems that cannot be treated by a normal general practice dentist. If you need dental treatment, you should register with your local NHS dentist and make an appointment. You can find your nearest dentist on the NHS Choices website.

If you are nervous, you should inform the dental practice when you book. High street dentists are trained to deal with nervous or anxious patients, and they should be able to put your mind at rest.

We also offer a limited walk-in dental service for patients local to King’s who need urgent treatment for a serious dental problem such as facial swelling, abscesses, infections, severe bleeding, injury and severe or uncontrollable pain, and who cannot be seen by a general practice dentist. For more information see the acute dental care page.