Working at King’s Critical Care

King’s Critical Care is the second largest service of its kind in the UK. We have an unparalleled case mix: we see patients from the widest range of ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic groups in the developed world, and we treat every kind of critical illness and injury.

Due to the expansion of our service and the opening of our new Critical Care Centre, there are a number of upcoming opportunities to join the team.

The new Critical Care Centre will be like no other. Linked to our helipad, theatres and ED, it will be the heart of our critical care service, enabling us to transform the treatment we provide for 5,000 patients a year, and improve the support we offer their relatives and friends.

It will also be a hub for managing critical illness beyond the Trust, accepting patients from any King’s Health Partners hospital, from specialty networks covering south east England, and from hospitals across the UK and abroad.

Talk to us about upcoming opportunities

We’re recruiting to a wide range of roles, including all grades of nurses; matrons; audit nurses; practice development nurses; junior and senior doctors; consultants; HCAs; MTOs; and allied healthcare professionals. Go to NHS Jobs to see our current vacancies, or contact us if you’d like more information about current or upcoming vacancies:

Why join us?

We’re investing in our doctors, nurses and therapists to help them provide care to be proud of. Join our team and you’ll be working, training and researching with the best. You’ll get the chance to create a new framework for critical care.

You’ll learn – and even develop – new techniques in medical and surgical care and rehabilitation, through translational research. In fact, we consider research a key part of training, and every doctor who participates in a research project will get a competency and participation report for their portfolio.

You’ll also be able to advance your knowledge and clinical skills training, such as our soon to be launched Advanced Critical Care Practitioners Programme.

What’s different about our new Centre?

We want to dramatically reduce the damaging effects of long-term critical care, by developing and testing ways of improving the experience for our patients, their families and their friends. By doing this, we aim not only to save lives but also to give patients back their lives.

Our vision is to combine medical technology, art, architecture and more to provide treatment and services that currently aren’t available elsewhere in the country.

Key to this are the people who will deliver this vision – the nurses, the doctors, the therapists and other allied health professionals.

We want to recruit team members who can help shape the way we work: how we develop our informatics and communications systems; how we use the new facilities to help patients, relatives and staff; and how we share these innovations through education and research.

Happy staff = happy patients

With floor-to-ceiling views of Ruskin Park, the centre’s unique design will provide a welcoming, more natural environment that helps to humanise healthcare, promote healing and make King’s Critical Care Centre an attractive place for staff to work and for patients to recover.

We’re also planning to make it less noisy and more calming. Plus there’ll be more space, so it will be easier to provide treatment and to work with patients on their rehabilitation.

“The noise levels on our existing unit are incredible – people, machines, all day and night – it’s hard for us, let alone the patients. Our new Centre will be so different – it will be calmer and quieter for us all.”

Stephanie, King’s Critical Care consultant

Technology that improves quality of care…

State-of-the-art medical technology will be an integral part of our new centre, enabling you to deliver world-leading treatment in a uniquely supportive environment.

You’ll be able to make faster assessments and more accurate diagnoses to improve patient outcomes. And you’ll be able to spend more one-to-one contact time with each patient as part of our enhanced, holistic approach to care. This will not only promote greater survival rates but also mean that more patients will survive well, both physically and psychologically.

…and quality of life

Cutting-edge communications technology will ensure even the sickest of patients remain aware of their surroundings, with internet-enabled touchscreens at their bedside to keep them connected to their family and friends and the outside world. We know that being able to stay in touch with normal life is something that patients value and it can make all the difference to the quality of their recovery and their post-hospital rehabilitation.

This technology will also help you to communicate better with your patients and their relatives, and enable you to consult and share insights with other critical care specialists around the world.

Join Team King’s and help us make a difference

Unique research and educational opportunities

We want the translational research we conduct at King’s Critical Care Centre to establish a new global standard for treating critically ill patients. As well as improving outcomes for our patients, we want to share our findings and influence changes in care for critically ill people worldwide.

Key areas we’re interested in include understanding how environmental factors affect patient recovery and staff well-being, and improving communications with patients and their families so they get a better understanding of what’s happening and the likely outcome.

The new facilities will make this possible, increasing the opportunity for inter-professional research and education and enabling us to build on the work we do as part of King’s Health Partners.

“King’s is an amazing place to work and to learn as a critical care nurse. The new centre will provide even more opportunities to develop.”

Janna, King’s Critical Care staff nurse