Groups and events

By taking part you can share with us your experiences of areas of interest, such as specific services, the quality of patient care and food standards, and explore ways they can be improved.

King’s Critical Care Pathfinder Group
Patients and relatives meet with members of our critical care team to discuss important aspects of care and how we can develop our service.
Maternity Services Liaison Committee
Mums as well as midwives, doctors and other health professionals meet to help us improve maternity care and facilities for parents and babies.
In Your Shoes
In Your Shoes is all about listening to our patients to improve the quality of the care we provide.
Improving Patient Nutrition
Good nutrition is vital to ensuring the best care for our patients and we are always looking to improve our food service.
King's In Conversation
This series of listening events asked our patients, their families and carers, as well as our staff, for their views on how we can improve our services and how we work together.

We are keen to involve as many people as possible in the work of the Trust, including patients, members of the local community and our Foundation Trust Members.