Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the hospital. It is made up of:

  • Executive and non-voting directors who are all full time members of staff and have responsibility for a specific area of the Trust’s business.
  • Non-executive directors who bring their external experience and an independent eye to decision making and management.

The Board is fully committed to providing the highest standards of care and experience for King's patients and staff. It closely monitors the Trust's performance to ensure that internal and external objectives and targets are met.

Meetings for 2014

The Board of Directors meets regularly throughout the year. You are welcome to attend meetings, which are open to the public. If you have a question you would like to put to the Board of Directors please email it to the Foundation Trust Office on stating at which meeting you would like your question to be asked in the subject line.

At Denmark Hill, Board meetings are held in the Dulwich Committee Room, Ground Floor, Hambleden Wing. The venue for meetings held in the Bromley area is to be confirmed. See the table below for details of the time, date and location.

Tuesday28 January14:00-17:00King's College Hospital
Tuesday25 February14:00-17:00King's College Hospital
Tuesday25 March14:00-17:00Princess Royal University Hospital
Tuesday29 April14:00-17:00King's College Hospital
Tuesday27 May14:00-17:00King's College Hospital
Tuesday24 June14:00-17:00Princess Royal University Hospital
Tuesday29 July14:00-17:00King's College Hospital
Tuesday30 September14:00-17:00King's College Hospital
Tuesday28 October14:00-17:00Princess Royal University Hospital
Tuesday25 November14:00-17:00King's College Hospital
Tuesday16 December14:00-17:00King's College Hospital

You can read the minutes and agendas to find out what has been discussed at previous meetings

Board Sub-committees

There are six sub-committees of the Board of Directors. Each is designed to take responsibility for a particular area, address any problems and then report back to the Board as a whole to assure them that steps are being taken to maintain the highest standards.

Audit Committee
is responsible for monitoring aspects of financial reporting, internal and external audits and the management of risk.
Remuneration and Appointments Committee
agrees the remuneration and terms of service of the executive directors. It also forms part of the panel to appoint executive directors.
Quality and Governance Committee
monitors the quality of patient experience, safety and outcomes and ensures we are complying with the standards set by external regulators.
Finance and Performance Committee
reviews monthly reports on finance and operational performance to ensure we are meeting targets and addresses any problems that may arise in these areas.
Equality and Diversity Committee
monitors equality and diversity issues relating to the services provided to patients, employment and procurement.
Strategy Committee
develops and shapes plans for the future of the hospital and monitors progress against these plans.